Accounting services:
Subscription accounting service:

  • Monthly bookkeeping of the accounting documentation, according to the current legislation
  • Monthly reflecting of the company activity in the accounting books, according to provided by the client documents and information
  • Preparing and submitting of VAT declaration and other documents, according to VAT Act
  • Preparing of payment orders for budget payments

Annual accounting reporting:

  • Preparation of annual accounting reports of the company, according to the current legislation, NAS and IAS.
  • Preparation and submission of the annual tax declaration of companies
  • Preparation and submission of the annual tax declaration of individuals
  • Preparation of annual statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute

Management reports:

  • Providing monthly/quarterly reports in standard form (from our software)
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly reports in a form provided by the client, suitable for the activity and the request of the client
  • For the convenience of our clients the reports can be provided in English
  • Our team provides any kind of internal reports, needed for analysis of the activity of the different company departments

Personnel and remuneration:

  • Registration and re-registration of labor contracts
  • Preparation of labor contracts and freelance contracts
  • Preparation of monthly payroll and pay-slips
  • Calculation and definition of taxes and insurances
  • Preparation of payment orders for tax and insurance payments to the budget
  • Submission of information for the insured personnel in the register of National Social Security Institute (NSSI)
  • Presentation in front of the authorities of the social security in case of inspections

Internal audit:
If you want to get idea whether everything in the accountant books of your company is correct and whether the current legislation is kept, NAS and IAS, you can come to our professional team.
We will do the needed check-ups and research of the company documentation and the way it is reflected in your accountant books. We will give you detailed report of what is happening in your accountancy, analyze the situation and we will give recommendations and directions for correcting the discrepancies, in order to ensure your tranquility.

Tax consultancy:
Taxes are integral part of any business and any activity that generates income to the company. Despite of company size and its turnover the taxes have influence over the generated profit. The tax effect is important for the planning of the company expenses and the cash-flow.

  • We suggest an effective management of the tax effect over the results of the activity of your company
  • We provide possibility for planning of your tax expenses
  • We can optimize the taxes due according to your company activity
  • We execute the relevant Conventions for avoiding the double taxation

Administrative services:
Next Point provides to the clients various range of administrative services in order to facilitate the day-to-day work of its clients:

  • Issuing of Certificates of good standing
  • Registering of changes in Trade Register
  • Publishing of the annual reports in the Trade Register
  • Issuing of documents for presence/lack of tax obligations
  • Preparation of loan agreements, rent and service agreements and other documents
  • Preparation of power of attorneys
  • Opening / closing of bank accounts
  • On-line banking
  • Written English-Bulgarian translations (and opposite)